Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Dollie Creations

Here are a few of my dollie creations that I've created. I'll share more with you in the future, but for now, this is what I have for today's blog post.

Here is a gorgeous silkstone(Ingenue) Barbie wearing a fashion that I made for a swap.  This fashion now is being worn by a doll that lives in Australia. I had a lot of fun sewing this pretty little frock for a dear online friend, and I hope she is enjoying it.
Below shows some items that I sent to another online friend for another swap. This one I call "Honey Bee Tea." The fabric in the mod dress was the inspiration for the name and theme. Some of the display items are mine and remain with me. I did create the ottoman this repro Barbie is sitting on as well as the cute dress she is wearing. The little side table I alterd by repainting it, and I added the tea set, and the cookies displayed on the tiered goody tray. lol The dress, ottoman, tea set, and goodie tray with cookies all live with an online friend now.

This is one of the many dolls I have rerooted. This girl is a former 1973 Sweet 16 Barbie that I rerooted and rebodied. I used hair from a Li'l Mermaid doll to reroot her, because I just loved this color of hair. I rerooted this girl before you could order hair to reroot online....which I now do. Doesn't she look cute with this color of hair?

No....this adorable doll is not a Barbie doll. lol This doll is a Nancy Ann Storybook Muffie doll from the 1950's. Not sure what year this girls is from, but she was a birthday gift from my sister. I am dating myself, but my sister and I had Muffie dolls when we were kids. I really loved the Muffie doll I had and all of her cute little clothes. I now own 3 Muffie dolls, but that may or may not be all that I end up with in my collection. I call my doll Emma, and she is wearing a sweet dress made from Mary Engelbreit fabric. Isn't it adorable? lol I love blowing my own horn.

That's all I have time to share today, but stay tuned for more updates on my creations. I hope to be a blogger that is diligent in sharing more creations....and who knows what else? lol

Happy creating! Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me. 


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