Friday, April 22, 2011

Ken's 50th Birthday

Today I realized.....why not do a short post about Ken turning 50? So....above is a picture I took today of Ken before....and Ken today. No....the vintage Ken is not the original vintage Ken.....he had flocked hair. This vintage Ken has painted hair, and I'm not sure what year this Ken doll came on the scene. The very lst Ken doll appeared on the market in 1961, and he immediately became Barbie's long time boyfriend, even though they had a short breakup. This really was more of a marketing strategy from Mattel....imho. lol Now....they are back together and seem happier than ever.

There is a wonderful website just devoted to Ken, and here is the link if you want to check it out.  This site is very informative and fun to visit.

I don't think that Ken gets enough credit from doll collectors myself. I have a number of Ken dolls in my collection, because Barbie does need a love interest in her love as any normal girl does. He is more than willing to escort her anywhere she wants to go....anytime she wants to go there. In my house, they really are inseperable most of the time. However, sometimes life does get in the road of them being together. They both have so many careers that take them all over the world. Very exciting. Also...Ken does clean up very nicely to be Barbie's arm candy. Yep.....I said it and not the other way around.

Happy dollie playing and crafting.


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