Saturday, July 2, 2011

Barbie Sunglasses

Yesterday I was out shopping with my granddaughter, and we went in CVS. For those of you who don't know this, it is a drugstore. While looking around, I came across some sunglasses for kids. I normally don't pay any attention to kid's sunglasses, but something caught my eye. Barbie sunglasses for kids! Now...there is nothing new about that, but a couple of the pairs looked like they could be for adults. I tried both of those sunglasses on, and I bought the most comfortable pair of the two for myself. My 21 year old granddaughter gave her stamp of approval, so that was that. lol Here they are, and I hope you can find a pair for yourself if you like them.

I think this pair is pretty cute and not too childish. Who cares anyway? lol The other pair that were a bit tight on me were all black with the Barbie silhouette on the sides. Who knows....they might fit one of you, so try them on if you come across them in a store.

I hope you enjoyed!

Happy scrappin and dollie playin!



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