Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Barbie!

March 9th, 1959 is the official day Barbie was presented to the world 53 years ago, and the rest is history. I was 10 years old at the time, but I never did have a Barbie doll in my doll collection. I'm
not sure why that is, but I have sure made up for my lack of Barbieliciousness since then as an adult
collector. I have so many dolls in my collection that I have lost count. It's been a wonderful fun ride learning all about Barbie, and she truly is a fashion icon as well as an inspiration to adults and children
all over the world.

This post is to wish our favorite plastic 11 1/2" doll a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and we hope she has many many more. I know Barbie has meant a lot to me in so many ways. She has inspired me to be creative and to play in ways I hadn't done in years.  Maybe some of you feel the same way. So...please join me in celebrating this Barbietastic day.

Thanks for stopping by to celebrate with me.

Happy dollie playing and crafting.


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  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on the anniversary of Barbie. I think like you. Barbie helps me to be creative and I have so many dolls that do not even remember. I love the cover photo of your blog and the cake. Keep in touch.