Monday, April 16, 2012

Barbieville Doll House Progress

Happy Monday everyone. I thought I  might share the progress on the doll house that I shared with you several weeks ago. I am far from done arranging, decorating, or prettyfying each room. This doll house will probably always be a work in progress, and I hope you keep tuning in to see all the changes as I make them. Here we go..........

 This kitchen is a Kitchen Little play set, and it's fabulous. I'm not crazy about the pink and purple
accents on the kitchen pieces, so I might try and change those colors to something else. I will be adding and/or changing certain kitchen items as well.

I love how the couch in the living room turned out. It originally was a dark blue, and the coffee table could be attached to the back or used as a coffee table. I just unscrewed the apparatus on the back so I could paint the couch this wonderful blue color by Folk Art. It's acrylic paint, and it went on great after I primed the couch. I masked off the legs to preserve their silver color. I'm not sure if the pet bed is staying, and if it will be painted a different color. I'm also not sure I'm keeping the chair in the corner....or the lamp. The TV cabinet was a My Scene furniture piece originally. I spray painted it with Fusion for plastic in white. I used a piece of scrapbook paper to cover the back of the cabinet and the china cabinet in the dining room. The tea cart was a bright Barbie pink, and I spray painted it white with Fusion for plastic. The ship on top of the fireplace was a magnet. I found the silver picture frames at the Dollar Tree. The pictures might change inside them though. Not sure about the lamp on top of the fireplace either. The tea set on the tea cart is Rement, and I really love it. Also...the candlesticks on the dining room table came with the tea set. I made the pillows on the couch. The flowers in front of the fireplace were given to me in a swap. The tiered tray on the dining room table was found at the Dollar Tree too, and I spray painted it a different color that it was originally.

Some of the items in the kitchen are Barbie, some are Kitchen Little, some are miniatures I found in various places over the years. It's been so long now for some of them, I can't remember where I found some of them. The glass Oreo cookie jar on the shelf above the sink....I do remember I found at Michael's some years ago.

You can see that several rooms have the origami lucky stars that I shared with you in an earlier post. The Barbie mixing bowl winds up and really works.

You might recognize the bedroom set as being Barbie Fashion Fever. Love this set, and it probably will stay. Not really sure yet, but I'm leaning that way. The items on the vanity will probably change to look more like items a girl would use when sitting in front of her mirror. The Barbie phone is so cute, and winds up and rings. The pink flower arrangement next to the vanity I found at Tuesday Morning several years ago. The TV on the chest of drawers was found at the Dollar Tree. I need to find a more appropriate picture to put on the screen. Next to the vanity ottoman is a cute decor item that I made with my Cricut. It was going to grace the bedroom wall, but I don't think it will stand out too well. thinking cap is on how I can change this and use it in this room.

You can see the blue wallpaper beneath the pink and white striped wallpaper. I'm not totally happy with this at all, but I ran out of the other. I might might see if putting some vellum over the blue will
make it less bright and noticeable. I'm also thinking of adding something like a chair rail to anchor both pieces and make it seem more realistic. You can also see the blue paper in the bathroom as well...picture below.

Bathroom items still need to be added to the sink/cabinet piece. I painted the Barbie wicker type furniture white. The birdcage on the shelf of the big etagere piece is actually a charm I bought at Michaels. I might spray paint tub tray a different color. I'm not really liking the green. More lucky stars on the small shelf unit in the corner. Need to add some tissue to the waste basket to make it seem more realistic.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and have an idea of what I'm going for with this doll house. I'm calling it Barbieville. I have another Barbie doll house that is Barbieville 2, and I'll be sharing it at some point. Stay tuned for final pictures with dolls living in Barbieville with everything in it's place. Of course....nothing is ever permanent. My girls like to redecorate a lot. hahaha

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment, and don't forget to play with your dolls or craft something pretty.



  1. Hello from Spain: I really like the house of your Barbies. The living room and kitchen are awesome. I love the fireplace and the boatlooks good. The room is beautiful Barbie. I love the toilet. I look forward to the other house Barbieville 2. You have lots of beautiful furniture. I love seeing your photos. Keep in touch.

  2. I love your sets/dioramas. Very nice. I really need to increase in the furniture department.

  3. Waw ! How I miss these nice pictures ! It's very nice. Thank you for your comments. Happy doll playing you too.