Friday, June 8, 2012

June Brides

June traditionally is the month of more happy nuptials taking place than any other month. I haven't researched this out for myself, but the saying "June bride" came from somewhere. lol So....throughout the month, I thought I would share pictures of some of my dolls as June brides. So...starting today, that's what my blog posts will be about for the most part during the month of June. I hope you enjoy them.

We'll start off with this picture of a vintage Barbie and Ken doll posing for the wedding portrait on the happiest day of their lives. I know....I am being silly, because they are just dolls after all. lol I think it's okay though, because the men in white coats haven't come to get me just yet. haha So...without further ado, here is a picture of a vintage Barbie and Ken after saying "I do."

Don't they look ecstatically happy? Soon they will be on their way to their honeymoon destination, which remains a secret from all of us. I do suspect they are going someplace very romantic, so could it be Paris? Maybe, but they are not talking. lol

I hope you enjoyed my post today, and please feel free to leave a comment. Don't forget to play with your dolls or create something beautiful....or both. Happy Friday!


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  1. Hello from Spain: I congratulate you for this great idea. I love watching the brides and their dresses. This pair of Barbie and Ken are wonderful. Do you have many girlfriends Barbies?? I do not think you're crazy ... This is our wonderful hobby. I look forward to more pictures. Keep in touch