Friday, June 29, 2012

Midge Wedding Party

I certainly can't leave out a very important piece of Barbie history while writing posts about Barbie June Brides. After all, her very best friend, Midge, actually did get married. So...last but certainly not least, this post is about the 1990 Midge Wedding Party Giftset. I am lucky enough to have this wonderful giftset in my collection.

Yes....Midge Hadley and Alan Sherwood were officially married. I thought it was interesting that Barbie was a bridesmaid and not the maid of honor. The flower girl was Kelly, and the ring bearer was
Todd. Later on, Mattel released another sister to Barbie on the market with the name Kelly, but she was more of a toddler that came with a baby crib, diaper, and pacifier.

Do you remember all the uproar when the Happy Family Midge came out complete with magnetic pregnant belly and baby? What everyone, except many Barbie collectors, didn't know, was that it was okay for Midge to be pregnant, because she was a happily married woman. Even the back of the box stated this, but consumers tend to jump to conclusions before actually doing any reading.

I hope you enjoyed this last post about the Midge Wedding Party Giftset. Please leave me a comment if you would like.

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  1. Hello from Spain: I love Wedding Party Gift Set. You are lucky. I love the Happy Family dolls. I remember the scandal that Barbie was pregnant .... Keep in touch