Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Barbie Christmas

Doesn't everyone love Christmas? I know I do, and I have so many fond memories from my childhood of the Christmas holidays. Not only did we get to be out of school for a couple of
weeks, but there was so much magic in the air. All of the gorgeous colorful decorations, the
Christmas trees with their sparkling lights, and all the beautifully wrapped presents under the tree.
All of this plus lots of wonderful goodies to eat like fudge, cookies, cakes, puddings, etc. It always
meant for me that family would be getting together to share a wonderful holiday meal and exchange
presents. I couldn't wait for Christmas to arrive, and I think that's true for most children. Time seemed to really drag as a child, but now the holidays seems to come around faster and faster each year. Not that that is a bad thing at all, but it does mean the years are quickly passing by.

My dolls love to celebrate the holiday season as well, so I thought I would share a couple of pics
of some of my girls doing just that. Santa also stopped by for a visit, and he is always most welcome
to drop in for a visit anytime he would like. Hopefully it means he will bring some presents with him.

In the above picture, Santa has had a couple of my girls volunteer to help decorate for Christmas. The cute stocking caps both girls are wearing were made by me with my Barbie knitting machine. So
much fun. Their outfits were actually ornaments, and I think I found them at Walmart a number of
years ago. You just never know when you might come across some ornaments that will fit your Barbie sized dolls perfectly. Santa is the Coca Cola Santa from a number of years ago, and I just love him.

Santa is saying his goodbyes, because he has so much to do before the big night. Not only does he have to load his sleigh with lots and lots of presents, but he has to make sure his sleigh and reindeer are in tip top shape for the long journey ahead. My favorite doll, Bevin, is giving Santa a hug goodbye and wishing him a very safe journey.

In case you are wondering, Bevin is the KB Toys Fashion Avenue Barbie. She now has an articulated body, but the body she has in this picture is what I call the belly button body. The dark haired beauty in the top picture is a Fashion Fever doll. I believe Mattel named her Raquel, and I haven't changed it. She came in a slim round tube wearing a purple sleeping ensemble. I just love her long dark curls.

Well....I think that's my post for the day. I hope I can squeeze in another post before Christmas. It's only 2 weeks away from today. So much to do and so little time.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I invite you to leave me a comment.

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  1. Hello from Spain: I love Christmas!. I enjoy the decor, gifts and family reunions. I love you Santa. I also really like the clothes that you created for your Barbies. The photos of your Christmas Barbies are very cute. We keep in touch and Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas Marta, and thank you for always coming by and leaving me such nice comments. We feel the same way about Christmas.