Holly Jolly Christmas

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random Doll Pics

I couldn't decide what to title my blog post today, so I finally settled on Random Doll Pics. The reason is that I'm sharing a number of different dolls today.

First up is the doll I call the Then and Now Barbie that was on store shelves for Barbie's 50th birthday/anniversary. However, her head is now on a different pose able body, and she's wearing a
pretty pink glittery fashion that came on a narrow single card. You might just recognize or own this fashion. Doesn't she look like she is ready to go out and paint the town pink?

Next up is a Monster High Draculara. The cute outfit she is wearing was also part of my swap gifts.
I think she looks ready to go have some fun at the Mardi Gras, but she needs to add some beads. lol

This is my latest Dance Class Monster High doll, and she is the cute Howleen Wolf with pink hair. I couldn't resist her, so now she has joined my other MH dolls.

Here again is my Then and Now Barbie, but this time she is wearing another fashion I received in the
swap. This fashion is an "I Can Be" fashion. So....here you see Barbie practicing her karate moves, and she is really quite good. I sure wouldn't want to make her mad. haha

Last but not least, I'm sharing this adorable little doll below. She is the Littlest Pet Shop Buttons and Bows Blythe doll set. She comes wearing a really cute fashion with bag to carry her sweet pet around with her. I'm not sure why I bought her, because I don't collect the bigger Blythe dolls. However, her price was right, because she was only $3.14 on clearance. Oh....I see I didn't get the cute matching bag included in the picture, but you get the idea of just how cute this set is.

I hope you enjoyed my post today, and I do really appreciate  your stopping by to visit me. Please
feel free to leave me a comment. I would sure appreciate it.
Enjoy your dolls.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls

Have any of you caught the mini Lalaloopsy dolls bug yet? I'm really curious to see how many adult collectors have fallen in love and started to collect these adorable mini dolls. I must admit that I have been eyeing them for quite some time now, but I only recently succumbed and bought one for myself.

Now....these dolls come in various sizes from quite large to the mini dolls, so you can have one that suits your collection of dolls. They all seem to be a big hit with little girls(and maybe boys too). The question is.....are they a big hit with big kids like me too?

Personally, I think they are quite adorable, and I've rationalized that they would look cute in some Barbie dioramas. Maybe with Barbie's little sister....Kelly. I know...Kelly has been renamed, but she will always be Kelly to me. Plus....I really do like the older version of these dolls far more than the new "no neck" versions. Sorry if I offended anyone that does like them. It's just personal taste and nothing more.

Anyway....I got off track. I thought I would share the cute little Lalaloopsy doll that I recently purchased. I would love to hear from everyone what they think of these tiny little dolls. So....here she is.

 Isn't it cute and fun? This set is called Peanut's Elephant Act This set contains everything you see in the pictures. I like the fact that she has her own little house, and I kept the cover to help keep dust out.

That's it for now. I know I've been lacking in the posting department lately. Sorry about that, but we've been sick in this house. We're on the mend with 2013 to look forward to. I hope the New Year is going well for all of you.

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