Saturday, March 30, 2013

Barbie Best Models South Beach and Monte Carlo

A couple of dolls I added to my collection a number of years ago are the Best Models South Beach and Monte Carlo. Actually, I forgot all about them up until today. I was scrolling through some pictures on my external hard drive, and there they were. So....I thought I would share them with you
today. I maybe telling you something you already know, but the one in the black bathing suit is Monte Carlo, and the one in the white is South Beach. Both of these girls came in a nice display box with extra fashions and accessories.

In the below picture Monte Carlo is wearing one of her extra fashions. Doesn't she look very stylish and ready
for just about anything?

South Beach is wearing a more casual fashion just right for South Beach. She too is ready for just about anything.
 Here is Monte Carlo wearing a fashion that is suitable for going to the office or to lunch with the girls.

 South Beach is definitely looking very fine in this beautiful fashion that is right for a party or clubbing. She will turn many a head wearing the dress she is wearing in the below picture.

Now they are ready for their closeups. Both Monte Carlo and South Beach are equally pretty dolls.

I hope you enjoyed my post for today. Happy Easter to all of you out their in blog land.


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  1. Hello from Spain: South Beach and Monte Carlo are my dolls ideals. For two months I could buy South Beach but in my city is no longer for sale in Monte Carlo and internet is too expensive for me. Now she is on my wish list. They are beautiful. The clothes and accessories are my favorites. They are very modern and contemporary. Keep in touch