Sunday, April 21, 2013

Barbie Love Animal Print

Do you love animal print? I know I sure do, but it has to be faux prints all the way. Of course, Barbie loves animal print too, and it's been obvious in so many of the fashions she's worn over the years. 

Today I thought I would share the 2005 Animal Print Fashion Fever dolls that I have in my collection. I have a number of Fashion Fever dolls in my collection, but these are 2 of my favorites. 

I love this Barbie doll with the blue streaks in her blond hair that matches her animal print fashion. Also....her blue eyes. She is very pretty and trendy wearing this faux animal print fashion. 

Since I don't have the original packaging for the above doll, I'm not sure if Mattel gave her a name. I think she is Chelsea though, and she's adorable with her freckles and pink streaked auburn brown hair. 

I keep both of these dolls displayed out in the open in my bedroom along with a lot of other dolls. 

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by and visit. 

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  1. Those are great outfits, and oh how I wish they would bring back the Fashion Fever quality. The clothes now, when you compare them to Fashion Fever stuff, are mostly just sad. I really love the faces on those girls, and the fun colors in their hair. :)

    1. I so agree with you Heather. The Barbie fashions are definitely sad. Once in awhile I find one that is worth buying, but it's not all that often anymore. Thanks so much for your comment.