Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gal On The Go Silkstone Barbie

I love silkstone Barbie dolls, and the one I'm sharing today is one of my favorites. Of course, I have many favorites, and some of them I don't even own. I am very blessed and happy to own the one I'm sharing with you today. 

Gal on the Go has a look that is very 50's with her lined cat eye eyes, big red Lucy lips, and the bubble-cut hairstyle that was very popular during that decade. Her fashion is very typical and fashionable as well. I think the 50's is one of my top favorite time periods for fashion and the whole glamorous look that so many women wore. During that time period, women went out dressed to the nines wearing hats, jewelry, gloves, heels, stockings, and a the latest dress, suit, etc. The undergarments were just as important to the whole look as all of the outer garments. Today we have spanks, and then we had girdles. 

It wasn't popular for married women to work outside the home in the 50's , but some women did anyway. I'm thinking Gal on the Go could have been anything during that decade from a secretary to a very glam movie star. Some women were true pioneers that paved the way for every woman from that decade to present time. To me, Gal on the Go represents one of those very forward thinking women, and I'm thrilled to own her so I can share her with you all today. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and so appreciate you stopping by to visit. 


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  1. Hello from Spain: red is my favorite. I love the outfit she wears. She has beautiful eyes. Your collection is fabulous. Keep in touch