Holly Jolly Christmas

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Witching Hour

Fall is in the air, and soon Halloween will be here. I thought I might share some of my Barbie Halloween dioramas with all of you this month. Halloween is such a fun time of year. You can dress up as any favorite character and it's perfectly okay. It can be scary, cute, or weird, of just plain original fun. I also like to have some Halloween fun with my dolls. 

Top Model Teresa certainly makes a lovely Halloween witch. Who said witches had to be ugly old hags with warts and hairy moles? lol Certainly not me, and all of my girls that I'll share this month will be anything but beautiful. However, don't for one second doubt their powerful abilities as witches, or you might just end up turned into a big old ugly toad. (cackle)

In case your are curious, bhe black cat and pumpkin are made from beads and wire and pipe cleaners. Everything came in a kit, and I put them together. It was a fun little project. 

Please stay tuned for some more Halloween posts as I share some of the fun Halloween Barbie dioramas.

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