Monday, June 27, 2011

Recycle Those Cans and Containers!

I would like to think that I'm green, and hubby and I do try to recycle as much as we possibly can one way or another. I do like to take items and give them a new purpose as much as possible. I realize that sometimes that's difficult to do, and one can only use so much of the items they bring into the house.
Still, I do try and do what I can. Here are a couple of examples.

The item on the left was originally a green bean can, and the one on the right was originally a Cheetos
container. To look at them now, you might not ever guess this without further inspection. If you want to create the above containers, it is very easy. First you need to clean the containers, and I usually run my aluminum cans through the dishwasher. The Cheetos can is not aluminum, so I just wiped it out thoroughly with a damp cloth. I used a red and silver paint pen on these cans to color the top and bottom rims. The small can was painted with the red pain pen, and the Cheetos can was painted with the silver one. I used white printer copy paper to cover the both cans to keep the original covering from showing through before covering with the strawberry drawer liner. read that right. lol It is stickly on the back side, but it is also very forgiving, so you can make any adjustments you need to make. First I measured each can from top to bottom along with the circumference of both cans. I then used those measurements to cut out the pieces that I needed. You can trim with an xacto knife for any adjustments. I then used some ribbon around the top and bottoms of the cans finishing off with a small bow. You can apply the ribbon with fabric glue, but I simple used my scrapbooking tape runner and glue dots for the bows. You can use these containers for whatever you want to, but both of these are displayed in my kitchen containing items I use every single day of the week.

The above container is also a Cheetos can. lol I needed a container to hold some of my dog's treats, and this was my item of choice. The steps for creating this can are pretty much like the steps I shared above with a few minor exceptions. For this cute doggie treat container, I used scrapbook paper. I chose this paper, because one of the doggie drawings looks just like my sweet dog. lol The paper was not quit wide enough to go completely around the can in the back, so I cut a strip of this same paper and secured it down with my scrapbook tape runner adhesive. The ribbon used is pretty explantory and was secured on the can in the same way. As you can see, I needed the lid to help keep Coco's treats fresh. I then made a cute label with more paper and self adhesive stickers and a couple of cute stickers. I hope you like these projects and will try it yourself.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Barbie Scrapbook Paper

Every now and again, I find some cute Barbie scrapbook paper, and recently, I found some at Tuesday Morning. Check your local store out to see if they have any you can purchase in their crafting area.

I scanned part of a piece of this cute paper in so you can see it much better. I used it as a backdrop in a recent post sharing some LIV fashions. You can scroll and find that post if you haven't already viewed it.
I couldn't scan in the entire 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper, but I'm sharing what would fit on my scanner bed. Let me know what you think of it please. I love comments.

Without further it is:

That's all for today. Hope you enjoyed!

Happy scrappin and dollie playing!


Happy Father's Day Card

Hello dolls and crafters! It's Monday and the day after Father's Day. I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration with the dads in your lives. Of course, I made a cute card for my hubby, and I have to give the credit to Mary(cardcrazy09/ Mary is an avid card maker, and not long ago, she shared how to make a really cute origami shirt to put on a card. I just had to make one of these adorable folded shirts for my hubby for Father's Day. Mary has a YouTube channel too, so look her up if you want to know how to make one of these shirts for a certain male in your life. I grabbed Mary's blog button so you can find her here on Thank you so much Mary for sharing how to make this darling folded shirt. Love it!

After looking through all of my paper, I chose this blue patterned paper for my shirt and started folding after cutting a 4x6 strip. I will admit that I had to make a couple out of scrap paper before getting the hang of it, but get the hang of it I did. lol It really is simple to do, so you might want to give it a try yourself. I think this shirt would be adorable on any card for any occasion for that male in your life. The card itself is simple, and I really didn't use a whole lot of techniques on this card. Other than folding the the shirt, I just did some faux stitching on the blue band with my white gel pen and then wrote hubby with some dots trailing after the word hubby. Small glue dots hold the yellow buttons on the shirt. The shirt itself will stay folded, so you really don't need any adhesive. I did use some on the collar, because it really wasn't laying flat enough to suit me. It's up to you what you do though.

Anyway.....I hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adult Barbie Flip Flops

Boy...has time gotten away from me this past week. I thought I would have something more substantial to post before now, but time just so gotten away from me lately.

Anyway, I was happy to find that actual adult Barbie flip flops are now on the market for all of us grown up dolls to wear. I found them at Toys R Us for $7.99. Here is a pic of the really cute pair that I bought. There was another style, but this one was the one that caught my eye.

Aren't they cute? I was also really happy that the thingamajiggy that goes between your toes is not made of that hard rubber, because that just kills my toes. I can actually wear these for more than 5 minutes. LOL So....if you like, then check out your local Toys R Us to get yourself a pair. Oh....and I also found a nice new big  Barbie shopping bag for $1.99, so that came home with me too. Sorry....I didn't get a picture snapped of it to share, but you can check it out at Tru when you make your next trip to check out the Barbie aisle and these adorable flip flops.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Lately I've been feeling a bit out of love with my dolls. What? Did I say that? LOL Yes....I did. Sometimes I just feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the dolls, fashions, furniture, etc. that I have. So
time to downsize, which I have been doing for a couple of years now. It's been a bit slow going, but I think I'm making a dent. I think I will enjoy my dolls a lot more when I can have them all out to enjoy. Right now a lot are packed away in boxes in my closet, and then I have all my nrfb dolls in the Barbie room(which is a mess right now.)

Anyway, I got three of my dolls redressed recently in some LIV fashions. The LIV dolls are some playline fashion dolls on the market now, and Ive got to say.....I'm not a fan of the dolls. However, I do like their fashions, and they do fit Barbie. At least they fit the Model Muse bodies just fine. Here are three of them I've redressed for your fashion viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

The above pic is of Basic Black Lea wearing this cute LIV long jacket with red and white striped sleeves. The red and white striped arm sleeves aren't sewn to the jacket sleeves. The LIV jacket was sold alone, and the jeans are basic jeans. She is accessorized with a pair of red shoes and a red bracelet.

Basic Black 2 Steffie is wearing this very flowing and fallish LIV fashion and accessories. Aren't the sandals cute. is a hint for keeping certain shoes in place. Those scrapbook glue dots....they work great, and that's what is keeping Steffie's sandals on her feet.

Last but not least is this really cute summerish LIV fashion that Hair Wear Teresa is wearing. I just love the tie dyed effect to the skirt of the empire top. It's hard to see in this picture, but the cute butterfly bracelet she is wearing is just so adorable, and I love the necklace a lot. In fact, I think that all of the accessories that come with these LIV fashions are wonderful. top off this post, I am feeling much better about my dolls right now. Sometimes all it takes is getting some dolls out, redressing them, and then taking some pics to fall in love again. I was reminded how much I really adore my beautiful Barbie dolls, so get out those dolls and play a little.

Here are some closeups:

Aren't they all gorgeous? I hope you enjoyed my sharing today.

Happy scrapbooking and dollie playing.