Monday, August 22, 2011

My New Craft.....Quilling

Many years ago I discovered the craft of quilling, and I have been wanting to give it a try ever since. Thanks to the many videos on YouTube and websites about this craft, I finally gave it a try. I bought a quilling tool last week, and I tried using it. At first it was a bit awkward, but after some practice, I am feeling a lot more comfortable. I still need to get a quilling board so I can keep my pieces more uniform, so maybe that will be my next purchase. I also need to buy some already precut quilling papers, but I cut some strips from my own paper to practice with. I used a low weight paper, because all the experts are saying that regular cardstock doesn't work too well for this wonderful craft.

Here is my lst 2 creations that I felt I could share on my blog. haha

Not all of my flower petals are quite uniform, but I don't think they are too bad since I made them without the benefit of a quilling board. :=) The pink flower I made with the teardrop shape, and I added a flatback pearl for the center. The yellow flower I made with the marquis shape, and I added a small white quilled circle for the flower center. I had some fun experimenting and practicing, but not everything I came up with was blog worthy. haha 

Anyway....I hope you like my 2 small creations, and I hope to use them on a card or scrapbook layout soon. I might have to make some more first though. Try it if you haven't already. I had fun with it, and I think I will continue to enjoy this craft too. It's really amazing what so many creative quillers have created with this craft. Just amazing!

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Happy Scrappin and Dollie Playing!


More Layouts of my SWEET COCO!

I can't seem to help myself. I just keep creating layouts of my sweet dog.....Coco. She really does brighten my day and is a very loyal loving companion to both myself and my hubby. The two layouts I'm sharing today are of when we first brought her into our lives. I had already done one layout awhile back, but I just wasn't in love with it. So.....I recreated it, and now I'm much happier.

This picture was taken just a short time after we got our girl, and we made a stop at a local chain pet store. We had to pick up a few things to help us take care of our new adorable puppy. I took this picture with my camera phone, and that is why it's so small. That's okay, because I create all of her layouts in an 8 x 8 size. My hubby is holding her, and she is still a bit scared. That soon went away when she saw what a good loving home she now has.

This is the layout I created after being unhappy with the first one I made of Coco the day we brought her home. I didn't care for the background in the original picture, so I cute her completely out. I always go around the edges of my cut outs with a scrapbooking marker so the white edges don't show. The journaling spot I took off the original offensive layout and used it on this one. I cut the grass out with my Cricut. I'm sorry....I don't know the one I used off the top of my head. I should write these things down as I'm creating. The background paper is a piece of cloud paper I bought many years ago, and I have no clue who manufactured it. The doghouse sticker is a sort of plastic sticker that I backed with cardstock and then cut around it. I made it more dimensional with foam tape and added the doggie sticker. I added the flowers(sorry....I don't have the packaging to share who they are by). I used a small butterfly punches in 2 sizes for the butterflies. I love the colorful sticker title.

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Happy Scrappin and Dollie Playing!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Target Exclusive Red Basics 2011

I haven't posted anything dollie related lately, so I thought I would share something today. I just recently visited Target where the new 2011 Target exclusive Red Basics are showing up on their shelves. I am very thrilled to see these girls, because I think they by far outdo the lst set of these Red Basic dolls by a mile. Here is the girl I bought along with a pic that I cut from the back of the box of the rest of them. There are three in total along with a new accessory pak. Sorry.....I don't have a picture of that to share.

Here a couple of closeups of the gorgeous 2011 Red Basic I purchased. She has the Steffie face, and I love her coloring. She is stunning with her dark hair, blue eyes, and beautiful facial screening.

I hope you love her as much as I do. Thanks so much for stopping by. Please leave a comment.

Happy dollie playing and scrappin.