Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Latest Barbie Doll Purchase

At first, I didn't know if I would purchase this doll or not. I wasn't actually crazy about this 2012 Basic Swimsuit doll with the Christian Louboutin face, but then she started to grow on me. I finally decided that she would add a different look to my doll collection, but by the time I decided this, I couldn't find this elusive doll anywhere. Then one day, hubby and I went into a Target that we don't normally frequent, and there she was hanging on a peg in the Barbie aisle. I grabbed her right away not wanting to take anymore chances that I would miss out on getting her for myself. Now I am so glad I did.

Here are some pictures of her wearing a LIV fashion that I bought on clearance. I think it fits her very well, and she looks great in it.


I think she appears to be vacationing at a very expensive exotic tropical  resort. Don't you? She is also wearing the scarf, gold earrings, gold purse, bracelet, and shoes that she came with originally. I hope she looks all pulled together ready for a fun day sight seeing on her vacation in this tropical location. I almost feel a bit jealous. lol

I think she might just turn some heads while she is out touring this exotic location where she is enjoying her vacation. What do you think?

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Doll Shopping Report

I thought I would create a post about the doll offerings I've seen on the store shelves recently. Hubby and I went into Target this week, and low and behold, the Tim Gunn dolls and fashions were hanging on the pegs. Naturally I grabbed up both dolls and both fashions, so out came the credit card. I do not have them deboxed yet, but it will happen soon, and then I will share pics.

Also, Target had their exclusive Halloween doll displayed too. Sorry....I forgot to check what they are calling her, but she is a pink and black cat this year. I was impressed she wasn't the usual offering of a witch. Her facial screening was complete with a painted black nose and whiskers. I also saw the Target exclusive Kelly dolls there too. I'm not too crazy about the packaging of these dolls of late. The dolls were kind of being a little witch, one a ghost(I think), and the last one....I'm not sure what she was.

Then the Monster High shelf contained the new Scarily Ever After series......Snow Bite, Threadrella, and Little Dead Riding Wolf dolls. So...if you are a Monster High fan, you might want to add these dolls to your collection. They are all very cute.

Sorry....I don't have any pictures of any of this, but if you do a search on the internet, you can probably find pictures to view.

On that note, I'm ending this post with a couple of pics of dolls from my own collection.  I like to call the dolls in the pictures Victorian Ladies. lol I have sold all but one of these dolls nude on Ebay. Don't worry.....I have more in my collection still displayed nicely in their original outfits in their boxes. The Victorian fashions they are wearing were taken off of dolls made by Jakks Pacific, and they were available on the market for purchase many years ago. I bought mine at Kmart. The dolls were very reasonably priced, and I bought them just for the fashions. I decided to also sell the fashions on Ebay a couple of years ago, but I still have these pictures to enjoy. Ignore the Myspace link, because I no longer have a profile there as I opted for Facebook a couple of years ago.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School with Skipper and Kevin

Wow.....2 posts from me in one day. What's up with that? lol I guess I'm just feeling inspired to share with all of my doll friends. The picture I'm going to share with you is coming from my archives, but it still applies today. School has started here, and grandkids started school a couple of weeks ago, so school is in full swing for them.

School starting is always a good sign that Fall and Winter are not that far away. Skipper is a member of the cheer leading team, and Kevin is on the football team. Here they are at their lockers getting the supplies they need to attend their classes. Skipper is in her cheer leading outfit, because today is a pep rally to welcome the school year and get everyone excited about the coming school year.

The backdrop for these pictures comes from the Barbie Generation Girls High School. This is a very versatile playset to have in your collection, because you can really use it for all kinds of school themed pictures to share on your blog and with your dollie friends.

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New Fashionista Barbie Fashion Closet

Last week when I was in Target, I noticed some new Fashionista Barbie fashion closets hanging on the pegs. Normally I do not get too excited about this, because I've really been disappointed in Mattel's offerings for Barbie clothing for quite awhile now. I sure miss the Fashion Avenue and Fashion Fever fashions that we used to be able to purchase for our dolls. For sometime now, the fashions have been too pink, glittery, shiny, and not to my taste. I know that Mattel is marketing toward little girls though, and they do love shiny, glittery, and pink. But what about us big girls?

Anyway......on to what my post is about. Although I wasn't overly enthusiastic about this new Fashionista closet, it certainly was better than a lot that has been offered for quite awhile. There were 2 others hanging on the pegs that I wasn't that impressed with, but I do not that some Barbie enthusiasts might love them. I debated for awhile if I liked this one Fashionista closet enough to part with money for it, and the closet won out. lol are some pics of my girls wearing the three fashions that were in this closet.


WOZ Barbie is modeling the cute fashion in the lst picture. She has a model muse body, and you can see this fashion fits her just fine. The purse did not come in this closet, and I borrowed it from a LIV fashion.

Then and Now Barbie(50th anniversary) is on a Fashionista body, and the fashion she is wearing including the purse and shoes were all included in the closet.

Frank Sinatra Barbie has a new body and haircut.....a LIV body, and she is wearing the last fashion in this closet. She is also wearing LIV shoes.

So, you can see these fashion fit a wide range of bodies, which I think is great. Yes....there still is a bit of pink and glittery, but I don't think it's over powering. I do love the purse(Then and Now Barbie) that came in the closet along with the two pair of shoes that came in it as well. Very cute.

Here are some closeups of the 3 girls in the above pictures.

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